Women have always been dancers, groups of girls dancing on the dance floor happily and glowing under the spot lights and approving stares.  For women, dancing is the vertical expression of the horizontal desire.  And for me, the dance floor was a good place to lose yourself and let the music take control of your mind, body and soul.  Grinding those hips and bending in sensuous moves not only gets everything bouncing under the hood but pumps adrenalin and dirty thoughts through your veins.  Tonight, was no exception, I was with a bunch of girls, we had been working too hard and we were in need of a good night out.  The group was very strict about sticking together on nights like this due to some of us not having any sense of responsibility towards other’s in the group.  Anyway, I didn’t care much for their rules, I was just keen on escaping to the dance floor and shaking my lustful thoughts into dance moves.  The club was not very big, large bar across the one end, a dance floor in the centre and a few tables scattered around and just the right atmosphere and lighting to make a girl feel she was transformed into whichever fantasy she chose.  The glitter ball was throwing silver patterns on my white, body hugging dress.  I wore no underwear tonight and I felt the freedom in my dance moves, my hair wild with sweat already and the music teasing us into a frensy.  I had my eyes closed, the girls dancing around in a circle and I felt eyes burning into my skin.  I ignored the feeling and carried on dancing but at some point I flicked my eyes open and saw a man standing in front of the dance floor, staring at me with a lustful twinkle in his naughty eyes.  I gave him a little smile, bowed my head again and continued with my cosmic travels through song after song. 

The girls were now all charged up on Tequila and were owning their circle on the dance floor, a few guys and girls had joined in but I was completely oblivious of anything other than the song and my body. I felt the eyes again and this time the guy was joined by a petite little blonde.  They both swayed gently to the music and watched me with great intent.  The little blonde girl licked her lips as she made eye contact with me and we exchanged a secret little smile.  I waited for the song to finish then started walking back to my table but knew that my admirers were going to make a move.  As predicted the blonde came to me and invited me to join them for a drink. I accepted and sat down at the little table. ‘I could not help noticing you from the moment you came in’ The guy was a beautiful and well-spoken man with a casual sex appeal I could feel. ‘I am Trey and this is Nina and we are actually journalists doing some work down here and in need of some fun. He had ordered us a few rounds of shooters and drinks and I was thoroughly enjoying their stories from the field. ‘We are a little wild for these parts’ Nina was a wicked little girl and was feeling a little trapped in a small town. ‘Most of the women here give me the death stares and nobody understands casual fun’ She downed her tequila and threw me her deadly ‘fuck me’ eyes.  Trey chuckled under his breath ‘I feel like I am in a dream right now, the two hottest fucking women on the planet sitting at my table’ He poured us another drink. ‘I would love to see the two of you on the dance floor’ His subtle hint was taken by both hands, Nina grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. ‘I have been itching to dance with you’ We found our rhythm in no time and gave ourselves over to our carnal desires, synchronised and our bodies radiating hot desire and intent.  Nina’s tight little shorts exposing a little more when she bent over on the dance floor, together we were not only getting ourselves all creamed up but the audience was now captivated.  Nina had my finger in her mouth as she swayed up against my breasts and moved in for a stolen kiss.  I could almost hear the club hold its breath for a second and a few cheers and claps snapped us out of our trance.  I felt my pussy swell with moisture and feared it might leak down my care thighs.  We ended the dance and headed towards the table.  Nina came and sat right next to me, she placed her hand on my thigh and Trey moved in closer to the other side and I sat drinking my drink with both of their hands just above my pussy and a Cheshire smile on my face.  I was so damn horny.  Nina slid her hand between my legs and began to slowly trace my pussy lips with her finger, teasingly just missing the entrance and the throbbing clit that was now needing attention.  Trey’s hand then came sliding up and his finger gently found the wet entrance and his finger slipped in ever so slowly while Nina continued to massage my groin and lips.  My legs were now shaking violently and Trey had his face in my neck. ‘I want to see you coming at this table, then I want to take you outside and I want to fuck both of you’ His voice was sure and calm and had a way of unnerving me.  Nina then began rubbing my clit, up and down and within a few seconds my legs arched and I felt the orgasm slide from my head all the way down to my toes.  Trey held my hips down and his finger remained slow and sure as I came all over his hand, Nina moaned in my ear and brought her finger up and put in her mouth. ‘Tasty indeed’ she grabbed my hand and pulled me up ‘I want to taste more now’ I got up with wobbly legs and Trey quickly helped me along.  We headed for the door, I glanced back to check if the girls had noticed and ducked out before they could.

We went up an escalator in the building, Nina had her hands up my dress and Trey’s cock was bulging under his tight denim pants.  We reached the top and there was a bit of a waiting area with a couch and a matt and we all landed on the floor without even a second thought to being seen.  Trey was on his back and had his delicious cock out so Nina and I set about licking and tasting every inch of it.  His fingers gently played with our now naked bodies and then he manoeuvred me to sit on top of him, his cock now thrust deeply inside and Nina now focused on licking my exposed pussy and clit.  She had a skilled tongue and soon I came all over Trey’s cock and lower stomach.  I fell off and Nina went in to lick every drop of come up.  Trey then put his cock into Nina’s ass and I played with her pussy.  I lay beneath her and it was a beautiful view, Trey stunning cock thrust into Nina’s picture-perfect asshole.  Her pussy tasted like marshmallow and I licked it hungrily until she came.  Nina squirted her honey like a pro all over my face and I struggled to swallow and breath but what a show it was.  Trey was a machine and pulled out to shoot another load all over Nina’s soft back and buttock cheeks.  We stayed in our positions for a few seconds to recover and then heard the footsteps on the Escalator.  Voices were approaching so we scrambled around for clothes and as the security guard got the top, we were half dressed.  Trey had got a lift open and before the guy could get to us we were in it and on our way down.  We had a good giggle and got our clothes on just as the doors opened on the ground floor.  The door’s opened and there stood a few of the girls. ‘Oh my God, we have been looking for you’ Cindy was a little angry, she obviously wanted to leave soon and knew I would not care about being an inconvenience.  I got ushered off by the girls, turning to briefly hug and kiss Trey and Nina and I left looking satisfied with my freshly fucked hair still tangled up with the night air and the energy.

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