Country Loving

I needed to get out of the city for a while and get some country air again. I headed to a horse farm set in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on a mountain and it was a little piece of heaven and the air smelled of hay and home baked apple pie. My cottage opened up to a field of grass, horses and beautiful trees. The hay bales scattered around were fresh and golden in the sunlight, they were just begging for a good rolling. I got comfortable on my little deck with a drink and just wearing my new French cut black thong, soaking up some sun. I lay there listening to country sounds and horses frolicking in the fields and must have dozed off for just a while.

I awoke with a start and sat up, the sun was barely up and I looked right into the brightest blue eyes directly in front of me. They belonged to a tall cowboy, all dressed in the boots and hat and looking very rough and rugged.” Didn’t mean to give you a fright, I was just getting all the horses in ma’am” he said in a very deep, slow voice. His eyes had not waivered once, he held my gaze and showed no sign that he saw my bare tits or any sign of embarrassment. I smiled and mumbled something incoherent while I pretended to look for something to cover myself up with. But he had already turned around and was heading into an enclosed paddock with a beautiful black stallion. I went in and mixed another Long Island iced tea and then headed out to watch the cowboy in action. He was so calm but controlling and I could feel myself get wet. My nipples stiffened against the breeze and my hand slid down to my horny pussy.

The cowboy was shouting commands to the stallion and the horse appeared to be a bit of a rebel but with gentle nudges of the rope, the cowboy was getting his horse to give a magnificent show of running and frisky manoeuvres. I was on the verge of Cumming and as if he could feel my dirty intentions, he left the paddock and walked towards the biggest hay bale. He summoned me with a smile and a nod and before I could even think, was lying on a soft bed of hay with a real cowboy. He smelled of horse and fresh grass and his arms were dark and strong. He ripped my thongs right off, pushed me down and began to explore my thighs and pussy with his tongue and just slipped a teasing finger in now and then. His other hand had my nipple and he was driving me fucking wild. He held me down as I writhed under him, begging him to take me hard and make me cum but he lingered. He took his time and I could not take it any longer, I was begging and pleading and then he finally filled me up with his huge cock. He fucked me so long and hard that I came so many times I lost count. The country was spectacular, hay all in my hair and the sun on my naked body. I drifted off again and awoke a while later, lanterns nearby showed me the way back to the cottage and I strolled up to the pool and ended my evening off with a swim and a lingering hunger in my very happy pussy.

The next morning I was invited to go for a ride and picnic with a gorgeous cowgirl called Amy and soon we were meandering around a stunning little valley. The river at the bottom of the valley was clear and cool and we decided on a mid-day skinny dip. This country girl had a naughty twinkle in her eye and was getting very close to me in the shallows. What the heck… I grabbed her and kissed her softly but deeply. Her big eyes widened in surprise but soon she relaxed and began touching my body. Her soft fingers explored my nipples and then down my tummy. She found my pussy and just brushed her fingers gently over the lips, teasingly. I moved my mouth down to her perfect little breasts and explored them with my tongue. She moaned and her body was quivering. I took her hand and led her to a little sand bank close by.

Soon I was enjoying Amy’s juicy, young little pussy and it definitely tasted like apple pie. She came almost immediately and her body shook with pleasure. I slipped my finger into her tight and wet depths. I felt her body arch again and she squirted a stream of honey right onto my hand. I put my fingers in my mouth and then kissed her. She kissed me hard and collapsed into my arms. We lay in the sun laughing and talking nonsense and just enjoyed the moment. We left just before sunset and rode back to the cottage looking sun kissed and satisfied. Amy left and I got comfortable on my newly created hay bed in the field with nothing on and just gazing up at the stars.

And of course, as if well planned, my cowboy appeared out of thin air, clutching a bottle of whiskey and some glasses. He took his clothes off and lay beside me under the stars. We drank whiskey and fucked like country rabbits most of the night. His cock fucked my pussy into submission and I rode him like a wild stallion. He had me strapped up at one stage and tortured me with his incredible tongue. The leather horse straps felt soft against my skin and the hay under my back had me begging for more and more from this skilled cowboy. My country getaway left me recharged and ready for life again and I took so many magical moments back with me and of course wearing a real freshly fucked country look.

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