‘We had better move it up a bit Lacy, it looks like rain is building up’ I saw the sky begin to darken to the East, a wind rustled up around us and we were at the other end of the Park.  I was taking my boss’s niece to an art exhibition being held in the massive park near the centre of the city.  The park was huge, it took us about an hour to reach the exhibition and we were only half way through the exhibit.  Lacy was a sweet girl, a little shy but with an underlying sexuality that very few noticed beneath her long coat that she always seemed to wear.  I was beginning to wonder if she wore anything underneath it at all.  It was quite hot, especially with a storm brewing and suddenly I noticed that lacy had removed her coat and had dumped it on a bench while she went to study a large sculpture up close.  ‘This piece is similar to the one I have to make for my final exam, the technique is quite remarkable’ Lacy was now under the sculpture on her back, peeping into every nook and corner, nobody paid attention at all and I decided to just sit for a while and watch her loose her mind over a sculptured image of the world, balancing on an intricate ball of wire, nails and pins. Eventually I needed to urge her on a little, it was really getting windy and the clouds overhead looked quite dark at this stage.  ‘Lacy, we need to get back to the car, its about to rain cats and dogs’ I turned to grab her coat and it was gone.  ‘Lacy, your coat is not here’ I stood up and looked around to see if the wind had perhaps carried it away somewhere into a bush.  Lacy jumped up and came to help look ‘I cant loose my coat, I love that coat, it really means a lot to me’ her voice sounded really upset and on the verge of panic ‘I do have my name and number printed inside, just in case’ she seemed comforted by the thought that it was taken by mistake and she will get a call soon’ I grabbed her by the wrist and began walking back along the path, through the sparse trees towards the parking lot. 

We were lost, we had taken the turns that we remembered taking on our way, but somehow the storm had us slightly disorientated and now seeking shelter from the pelting rain.  Poor Lacy, her white dress was now soaked and very see through, and I could see her sheer panties and bra barely covering her puckered nipples and dark v between her legs.  She seemed completely petrified without her coat, I tried to cover her a little with my jacket, but we needed to find a big tree or a building or something.  We followed the muddy path and eventually came across an old shed.  It was not in use anymore, and the doors were broken off but it offered us a dry area to stand under.  I put some cardboard lying around on the ground and we sat down, huddling close together under my jacket.  ‘I am sorry, I should have held onto your coat, I really did not pay attention to anyone around me, I am really sorry’ Lacy hugged me close and said ‘It was not your fault, it was my fault, I normally hold onto it but it will come back to me, I know it will’ She nestled her face into neck ‘you are so warm and you smell so good’ I felt her warm breath on my neck, my skin puckered up. I looked down and her rock-hard nipples were straining against her wet dress, the material barely leaving anything to the imagination.  Her legs were bare, her wet dress gathered on her thighs, her panties soaked and showing a fine line down the centre of her venus mound.  I placed my hand on her thigh ‘you are frozen’ I pulled her close and eventually she had her legs across my legs, my hand resting on her inner thigh, which shivered from the cold and my touch.  ‘Your hands are so warm, thank you for keeping me warm’ her mouth was so close to mine, her eyes fluttered and then looked down, I turned my head a little and moved my hand slightly higher.  She did not react, in fact, she snuggled closer, which automatically forced my hand a little further up her thigh.  I was inches away from her pussy, the heat could be felt on my approaching fingers and I met her eyes and her lips when she moved forward and placed her hand on my breast.  She kissed me with strong passion, like someone who has not kissed for a long time, her lips soft and yielding and moans escaped her body as she melted closer to me under our little shelter in the pouring rain.

My fingers found her wet and hot pussy under her panties and slid in gently as she continued to nipple at my lips and tongue.  Her body was warming up and she moved closer and closer until felt like we were one and for a short while, made us forget there was a massive storm brewing outside.  The smell of the rain and earth only added to our hungry lovemaking.  Lacy began to move faster and her breathing increased ‘Oh my god, I think I’m going to cum’ she let out a little cry and I felt her pussy begin to spasm and it got so wet it ran down my hand.  She shivered and shook through the waves and I felt her body relax and slump against mine.  We lay like that for a few more minutes and then the rain began to clear up.  The clouds had blown over and it was now just dripping from the trees as we slowly made our way back along the main path again.  I gave Lacy my jacket to wear and it at least made her feel a little more comfortable as we wound our way through the park.  ‘This was the most fun day I have had since I arrived here on my holiday’ Lacy was grinning from ear to ear and her secret showed clearly across her face. ‘You cant tell your uncle, please Lacy, I could lose my contract with his company’ Lacy immediately stopped and grabbed my hands, ‘hey, I would never do that, believe me, I want to do this again, so would never get you into trouble’ I believed her and we eventually found the parking lot.  We got the boom gate and payment kiosk and the guard asked ‘has anyone lost a Coat, someone took it by mistake and handed it in earlier’ Lacy leaned forward ‘Yes officer, it is mine and if you look inside the label you will see my name’ she handed him her ID. The guard handed us the coat and we drove off. ‘I told you I would get it back, this is my lucky coat’ she had a good giggle ‘look what happened after I lost it, look how much fun we had in that little shed’ Point taken and Lacy spent the drive back with her head between my legs and I enjoyed a few orgasms in between trying to stay on the road and prevent driving into everything around me.  Naughty girls seem to flock together somehow and I love that I get to catch them young and still fairly innocent. 

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