What should have been a two- week house sitting vacation, during the holidays and much needed break, turned out to be a mindfuck to put it mildly and had me off the grid for months.  My clients and friends were on the verge of reporting me missing, which would not have been the first time, and I was obliviously unaware of anything other the carnal distraction keeping me in an embrace that would not break.  I got a call before the holidays that offered me a holiday of a lifetime.  I would be house sitting for Brenin, a very mysterious friend of Caira’s, who owned a villa in the mountains somewhere near the south of France.  I immediately contacted Caira and after several failed attempts, received a voice note saying that I should stop being a baby and accept the offer, he would have no reason to do anything untoward.  Go have some fun in the sun and see you when you return.  So, it was settled and instructions given and I was on my way to the South of France to have two weeks of beach and absolute me time. 

Within a few hours, we had landed on a small strip on a very mountainous area, it was lush and green with views of the ocean and pristine country side.  The Villa was an understatement, as I expected and the staff were ready to receive me and make me feel completely at home.  Brenin spared no expense, and just wanted someone around to keep an eye and also make sure his prize pooches were well taken care of.  A chef, personal assistant and even in- house masseuse would be just what I needed and after dinner and freshening up, I took full advantage of the strong and enigmatic massage therapists.  I was lying on my stomach when I heard someone enter, ‘Good evening ma’am, I am Niko and will be taking care of you’ I could smell the incense burning and the dim candle light made the room feel fuzzy and dreamy.  I then felt his hands gently rubbing oil onto my feet and toes, and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations sensually stroke away my stresses and sore muscles.  His fingers massaged my toes and feet until they tingled and I could feel my loins and stomach stirring into a slow and approaching desire. 

His slow but sure hands moved onto my knees and calves after what felt like forever, and could feel a heat in the hands that made my thighs begin to quiver.  My breathing had increased and I was now feeling him gently move up my hips and on to my stomach and sides.  I felt my pussy swell and glisten with raw lust at the thought of his hands and fingers rubbing and penetrating me oh so slowly, with my mind and body lifted away on a cushion of air.  After what seemed like days, I was gently rolled over and felt his hands now stroking my stomach, breasts and pelvic region until I physically shook with the intense sensations taking control of my body and mind.  His dark eyes and controlled movements were driving me crazy and by the time he touched my pussy, ever so gently, I thought I was going to cum.  I had felt them approach when he discovered my G spots on my spine, and had to focus on holding them back for later.  He began massaging my pussy in a way I had never felt, oily fingers gently rubbing and pulling the lips and working them until they felt like they would explode.  His finger then found my swollen clit and I felt his finger burning up like fire, his mastered control and gentle rub, had me coming within seconds, but he then managed to control the waves and build up to one after another.  My body had not felt this before, smaller and deeper orgasms, perfectly timed and controlled to give me hours of complete depletion and satisfaction.  I fell into the deepest sleep and only awoke 12 hours later. 

The days began to melt away with private beaches and a constant supply of cocktails and exotic fruits to feed my every sense.  My trusted Niko was by my side and ensuring my absolute comfort.  He was rubbing suntan oil on my back on the beach, I was naked and he gently let his cock just nestle up against my pussy, which was slightly exposed from the back.  My body quivered, I held my breath and then felt him rubbing my back and buttocks with oil and firm movements.  I felt his cock stir and swell up but he stepped back a little, so as not to allow any penetration.  I was on the verge of gripping his sides with my ankles and pulling him forcefully into my desperate pussy.  He had such immense discipline but also signs of growing desire.  His hands now had my ankles and he slowly began to spread my legs and I felt his cock nudge gently into my pulsating pussy.  The moment he entered, I felt my orgasm hit me and he pumped rhythmically into me as I came for almost 20 minutes and then felt his hot cum shoot across my back and ass and it felt like molten lava raining onto my skin.  Ecstasy took my body and held me until I collapsed in the bail on the beach and let the deep sleep take me into a pool of dreams. 

The parties at the club in town seemed like small interruptions from my blissful Villa escape but provided some entertainment once in a while.  I had met a few awesome friends of Brenin and was treated to only the best the island had to offer.  A few girls asked how long I was planning to stay and I mentioned that I was only there for another week, suddenly sensing an under current and quick exchanges between them.  ‘Why, have you house sat for him before?’ The awkward moment was swept away with trays of champagne arriving and noisy toasts all around.  I eventually begged the driver to take me home earlier than expected and I could not wait to get away from these people and get back to my blissful bubble on the mountain.  Days continued to wash away and my Niko ensured my carnal pleasures were more than met.  He had become addictive, and his addiction to me was fast becoming obvious.  I obviously, really needed the down time and would find out if I could extend my stay.  Niko in fact gave me a message from Brenin a few hours later, to ask if I could please extend my stay by a week or so, due to his trip abroad, taking an unexpected turn.  My personal assistant had contacted my assistant back home and made sure they were informed of my late return. Life back home became a distant memory again and I was being fucked and massaged and teased and licked and carried into a deep state of carnal enslavement for a while longer.


I was lying on the beach again, it was full moon and Niko and was giving me a deep tissue massage which was obviously going to end in a deep penetrative fuck and he had been teasing and rubbing for hours, getting me to a point of no return.  My eyes were closed and the last drink made me feel a little light headed so I concentrated on my breathing and the sound of the waves gently rocking back and forth onto the golden sand.  I felt heavy and could not move my arms, but Niko’s strong hands made me feel safe and gently had me climbing towards the slippery peak.  His cock was stirring slowly against my pussy, and his hands slowly and softly rubbed my nipples until they were so hard and alive with static and bolts of electricity shooting into them and out into my body.  He now moved towards my neck, I could smell his desire and feel his body trembling with desire and strength and moaned as I awaited his hot kisses and tongue on my neck.  His breath was warm and his first kiss was gentle and barely touching my skin, my back arched up in anticipation and I felt his mouth gently press onto my skin and then felt a slight bite, which only added to my shaking body.  By now he had pushed his cock so deep into me that it hurt slightly, but the pain only increased my mounting pleasure.  I then felt myself slip in and out of darkness, between dreams and long moments of intense pleasure until I gasped for air and struggled to just hold on.  I felt my body weaken with each orgasm and could feel my life slipping into a dream of fantasy and dark dream.  In my dream I was being lifted out of a pool of blood, Caira was there, stroking my face and speaking to me but I could not hear a sound. 

Days later I awoke with a start, and saw I was lying in my bed at home.  Caira was sitting at the end of my bed, with a look of concern and slight irritation on her beautiful face.  My confusion was quickly explained when she told me the story of Niko and his clever plan to suck my life out of me before anyone had even noticed or questioned my disregard for my commitments and responsibilities.  Brenin had extended his stay, but only after he had arranged a replacement for me and Niko had orchestrated the entire cover up.  He used to work for Brenin, but after being caught enslaving and sucking the life blood out of his victims over a long period of time, was banished and forbidden back in the inner circles.  Caira told the story as if it was a movie she had watched recently, and I listened to with quiet panic, unable to connect with the character in any way.  In my mind I just heard a story of a hot massage therapist that was actually a vampire that used skilled sexual torture methods to keep you in ecstasy, while he sucked the life out of you in a way it made you come endlessly.  Sounded like a really bad Vampire movie I had watched years ago and decided to just forget it ever happened.  Caira had been the one to come looking for me, her flower was in danger and she could feel it.  My Mistress kept me safe in a dark world of desire and danger, but was also my protector when this world wanted what clearly belonged to her.  My year could now begin, knowing I have survived the scariest event first and anything that comes next, will be a naked walk in the park.    

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