Birthday Surprise

I absolutely love surprises and being part of someone’s birthday surprise was like an added cherry on the cake for me.  I was still thinking that I would get to jump out of a cake and give a naughty lap dance to an unsuspecting birthday boy but it was so much more than even I could imagine. I was taken to a bakery one evening and the skillful baker then spent a few hours icing my naked body with icing sugar, sweets and edible body paint until almost every inch was iced, painted or decorated.  Not a stitch of clothing and only sweet icing covered bits of my body and a birthday surprise tucked away inside my tight pussy just for the birthday boy to enjoy at the end.   I was then placed inside a large cardboard but realistic looking giant birthday cake. I was transported carefully to the venue and placed in the centre of the room. After a few words by the host, and a special announcement, I popped out of the top of the cake. My birthday boy was seated directly in front of me and I made my way slowly towards his chair.  The music was sensual, the lights were only on me and I could see the appreciative look in his hungry eyes. The room was small with about 20 of his friends around him clapping and cheering.  He looked strong and sexy and I could not wait for his mouth to begin the sinful feast. I lay on a counter in front of him and he began with the icing on the tops of my feet…and he slowly licked all the way up towards my thighs. He invited a few of his friends for a taste and I was trying so hard to lie still with all these tongues in me. It was so hard.   His mouth licked and sucked the sweet sticky art from my tummy and finally my tits. His sweet tooth and skilled mouth had eaten off all the little mounds of creamy sugar and sprinkles of icing covering my pussy and breasts.  I then whispered in his ear that a treasure awaited him in my pussy and I closed my eyes and lay back, opening my legs more for his delicious discovery. His mouth found my Venus mound and his tongue was expertly flicking deep inside of me. My clit was enlarged and my pussy was wet and open in pure anticipation.  I moaned and writhed with delight and he soon found the golden chocolate ball just deep enough to touch my erotic spot and just shallow enough to release with my first orgasm. It popped out and I could feel my cum running into his mouth and I saw him show the golden ball he had found and then he kissed me and I could taste the delicate chocolate mixed with my love juice and this turned me on even more. I sat up and instructed the birthday boy to take his seat as I was about to give him a lap dance he will never forget. I moved slowly with the music, and eventually found his giant throbbing cock. I sucked and licked it until I thought he would burst then sat down on his lap and took his cock all the way into me. I rode him slowly at first but then picked up the pace when my second orgasm erupted all over him. He gripped my tits while I arched against him, feeling his cock go even deeper inside. He was close so I got off his lap with shaky legs and knelt down to eat every inch of his throbbing cock. I could taste icing sugar,  chocolate and my sticky honey and I devoured him until he shot his cum so hard into my mouth and down my throat that I had to swallow fast and hungrily. I sucked until every last drop was enjoyed and his shaky legs and sweaty brow confirmed his utter satisfaction.  I left the party long after the sun came up, wearing nothing but bits of icing sugar, my freshly fucked look and a large cupcake in my hand for my satisfied pussy to hide behind on the walk to my car. Who said you could not have your cake and Eat it!  Life was sweet indeed.

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