I was on my way to meet my lover at his trendy underground club, and was feeling a little anxious. I had been a bad girl and was just hoping my dirty secret remained buried in the darkest corner of my mind as I climbed out of the Limo. Damien was waiting at the entrance for me, looking so damn sexy and with that hungry look in his eyes. ‘You look totally edible my wicked lady’ The glint in his eye sent a shiver down my spine. We entered the club but I was lead into his side office. ‘I want to have a drink with you before the place gets busy’. Damien went to pour our drinks while I stood by the window and looked out at the cold face of the dark city. Damien handed me my drink ‘A toast to the most beautiful woman I know’ He held my gaze while I emptied my glass. That was the last think I remember.

I awoke what felt like days later, a little thick headed and disorientated. I tried to move, but then realized I was tied up in a leather swing. Hands and feet pulled apart, I was suspended in mid-air, straddled like a star fish on my back. My mouth had a ball gag in. What the fuck was going on? Damien never said anything about this, and where the fuck is he now? My eyes were blindfolded but I could hear everything around me. We were still in the club, I could hear the music and voices all around me. I tried to wriggle free but I was tied properly, and in a very comfortable position. Then I heard footsteps by my head, and Damien’s low and sexy voice. ‘So, my little wicked lady has been a bad girl I hear. I ask you to entertain my daughter and her boyfriend while I am away for the weekend, hoping you would bond nicely but I had no idea just how well you bonded. Seducing my teenage little girl and her boyfriend does not constitute baby-sitting my wild flower. That was a very naughty thing to do’. Trying to explain was impossible with the damn ball gag so I just closed my eyes and tried my best to relax. ‘You most certainly need a little discipline my queen, you need to be punished for your irresponsible behaviour and I have got a whole night of it just for you’. I felt his whip connect with my naked butt and lower back. I jumped as the unexpected pain flashed exquisitely down my spine.

I heard the music stop and Damien made an announcement to all the patrons of his club. Good evening one and all. I welcome you all to my club and tonight we have a very special treat for you all. A slave has been prepared and is awaiting you all to take what you need or do as you please. She has been a very bad girl, and needs to be punished. You will find everything you need on the tables, and there will be a few guys making sure there is very little blood and no violent or fatal mistakes. She is My slave, and I would like her back in one piece if you don’t mind’. The crowd laughed and cheered and suddenly the music started again and it sounded like the club was already overcrowded. Fuck…well, thank god I shaved and was in need of a good Fuck, since Damien had been away on a business trip.

And it was not my fault that his daughter is so fucking hot and horny, and her boyfriend just wanted to bang us both since he first laid eyes on me. He asked me to take them out and entertain them for a weekend, so I did just that. But how the hell did he find out? I bet the boyfriend broke under a few dollars and a squeeze from daddy. And to be fair, no one had told me that she was only 15 years old. She looked at least 18, and with a pair of tits like that, I never suspected she was under age in any way. Her body sang a different song. I was getting so damn wet just remembering the weekend. The taste of her sweet little pussy and ass and the feel of her soft lips on my whole body. And it was a good thing that my pussy reacted to my recent sex-capade because I could feel my first dose of punishment starting up. I could feel an expert mouth sucking and licking at my pussy, so gentle and yet with a hungry force. It felt familiar, like someone I felt before. It was…. I was being teased, long and hard and very deeply. Damien! ‘I just wanted to taste your pussy before the onslaught begins my queen, I hope that you think long and hard about your dirty deed and I will be here to bathe and soothe your body when the punishing ceases’. And he was gone and my first John had his giant cock inside of me before I could even catch my breath. His cock slammed into me a few times and I felt him arch and shoot his load. ‘Dirty Bitch…hope you enjoyed my cock, because you will taste it again later, several times’ He bent over and kissed my lip so hard I could taste a drop of blood. Game On Mother Fuckers! I can take it as hard as you can give it! I braced myself for a night of insanity seasoned with a touch of hot and the excitement of the unexpected and slightly scary undertone. All the makings of a really fucking sexy Wet dream combined the hills have eyes.

At some point, my ball gag was removed and I was given shots and soothing drinks, laced with all kinds of delicious little pills I assume, it was obvious someone was keeping an eye on me and trying to soften the pain but pain was over taken by desire and lust and the pills only helped keep the edges softer and the sensations heightened. I had come so many times I had lost count. I had the most delicious tongues and mouths all over my shivering body and deep inside of me, I had cock in both holes and had expert fingers making me come so hard it felt like my gut was being torn open. My back was tingling from the whips, oils and chains and pussy was so wet and swollen from all the abuse but I felt great. I was experiencing something I had never done before and beyond the indignity of being fucked by anyone, the excitement of not knowing made me horny as hell. There were a few people with the desire to suck my toes and kiss my feet and at one point I counted at least 8 sets of hands and tongues all over my body, inside my body and the orgasm I experienced was almost spiritual. It began at the tips of my toes and culminated deep within my pussy and lower back. I screamed and my body convulsed against the leather and chain and it took me a good 20 minutes to recover fully from that. My mind exploded and I had passed through a door and was now standing in Neverland.

The lustful onslaught slowed down to a trickle, and I was rather relieved. My pussy had been fucked into submission and my body was covered in sweat, come and the juice of a hundred horny pussies. I somehow still felt like I was lying on a boat, the waves were rocking me side to side and it was really very pleasant. I then felt my swing being lowered and I was being carried in strong arms. I was being carried upstairs and then I was freed from my gag, straps and chains and placed into a giant spa bath. Heaven right here. I then felt someone remove my blind fold and heard Damien whisper in my ear ‘my brave queen, you must relax now, you will be well taken care of’ and I kept my eyes closed and just lay back and let go of the night. I must have dozed off because I woke up being washed and sponged down by 3 really hot girls. They lathered me with delicate smelling oils and gently cleaned every inch of my body. The girls made sure my pussy was very gently cleaned and flushed out of all evidence of the abuse. They even kissed it better and my gentle, unexpected orgasm felt like an angel’s kiss. I was then taken to the bed where my body was massaged gently and all the lumps and bruises rubbed gently away. I gave in to the caresses and touching and fell into a deep sleep. My freshly fucked body needed to recover but it will never forget the thrills and spills from my dirty deed.

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