Caira called and begged me to come out to her country house. She needed my help with a sensitive matter. I was to come out immediately, and by the sound of her tone, I could hear she was not her usual calm and collected self. Caira was a mystery to me in so many ways. I walked carefully in her dark circles and always wondered why she protected me from so much. I think Caira was fascinated and a little in love with me, and this kept our relationship exciting and I somehow trusted her no matter what the situation. My fascination with all things dark and a little scary is one of the main attractions I have to Caira and her savage crew. The dark underworld and myths surrounding vampires, dark lords and covens remains as shrouded in mystery today as it always has been, and my acceptance into a small part of this thrills me as much as it scares me a little. I arrived at the country house and found Caira surrounded by a small group of friends. Caira looked as desirable as ever, but definitely slightly frazzled about something. ‘Thank you for coming through my beautiful flower’ her soft touch and smooth voice had such a hypnotic effect on me. Her kiss was slightly needy tonight, a little vulnerable and I held her tight and told her I would do anything for her. ‘Let us see if that still holds true after you hear my dilemma darling’ She led me into one of the suits at the end of the house. There, on a massive king sized bed in the middle of the room, was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on, tied up and naked. He looked like a demi-god, perfect body and the face of an angel. ‘Meet the father of my future child, his name is Loki’.

The man tied up on her bed did not surprise me at all, it was the part about the father of her child that suddenly hit me like a silver bullet. ‘I had no idea you ever wanted a child Caira’ I was trying to sound calm, but this news rocked me just a little. ‘I can’t do it without you my flower, and the agreement with Loki is now becoming a problem for him’ She was pouring us a drink, and then Loki spoke. ‘I love you my Goddess, I do with all my heart, forever and I will do anything for you, but please I beg you, not that!’ He was genuinely frightened. Caira turned her back on him and brought me a drink. She looked deep into my eyes and said ‘It has taken me years to find the perfect specimen, the man that can help me create my legacy, years of searching. He had to have all the traits, looks, strength, brains and intelligence. Do you know how hard it is to find such a specimen in this fucked up world of ours?’ I listened and nodded, not quite sure where this was going. She continued in an impatient tone, ‘I eventually found him and it can only be him, he is my only chance, but for the privilege of bedding me and continuing his bloodline, he needs to make a sacrifice’. And this is where it all fell into place for me. Caira turned and looked at Loki with a look of desire, but also a hint of anger ‘He may never mate with another woman again, I need to ensure no one else gets his seed. Ever!’ Loki tried to sound calm, ‘My goddess wants to take my balls!’

As far as Caira is concerned, nothing is ever simple or normal and I loved that about her and her dark side definitely turned me on a lot. ‘He had the choice of losing his balls or death, which is a fair choice for a man in his position. When will these feeble men learn that they may not have it all, all the time with no consequences or sacrifice. He has been more than happy to fuck me, eat and drink all my food and wine and live in the lap of luxury. I only have 3 days in which to conceive and I don’t have time for all this silly nonsense so come let us go and drink and party a bit tonight and worry about the serious issues tomorrow.’ But I grabbed her hand and asked ‘What do you need me for, it would seem you have this situation under control’ I was hoping that I was only needed for immoral support and some sexy time in the country. Sex always helped me think clearly and give me focus. Caira stopped and pulled me closer to Loki’s bed. ‘Darling I need you to help me get this man’s juices flowing and also I promise Loki you could help try and change my mind, kind of like his Champion in this situation. You are my closest normal friend I have and I figured you could remain objective because you know me so well,’ Caira turned around and walked out the room with an air of indignance and dramatic exasperation. And there it was, my offer to do anything for her, raw and in my face. I sat on the bed and looked at this perfect man lying there, his cock was so damn big and perfectly shaped. His eyes were like those of a black panther, it felt like he would pounce on me at any time and devour me savagely. This made me very wet and very hungry for his cock but I had to wait. ‘Loki, would you like to come and join the party, and you already know, there is no escape here, so best you just enjoy the party with us and don’t think too much about tomorrow. Life has taught me that there are many a slip between the cup and the lip’. I untied him and we both went downstairs to join the party.

The party got downright dirty and Loki managed to relax a little and found ways to please me and of course, Caira. His skills with his tongue were unbelievable, he knew exactly how a woman’s body ticked and knew exactly how to please his Goddess. Caira and I both shared Loki’s body throughout the night, she loved watching him fuck me, she said it was the picture of perfection. His cock was like a machine, he could go for hours and hours without coming, but when he did, it was like a great deluge. I could feel his hot cum shoot deep inside of my body and so much of it. I could see why Caira had chosen this one. He worshipped her and could yield endless pleasure and conversation. But as perfect as he was, Caira would eventually tire of him and move onto the next victim. We both believed that keeping them for too long ended in tears and drama. Emotional attachment leads to all sorts of problems. For us, right now, men were life support systems for their cocks and tongues and this kept life really simple. I looked around the room, we were all beautiful and all naked and felt like queens and kings in our palace. The absolute adoration of the flesh and pleasure bound us all together. Caira and I were sitting at a glass table playing cards at one point and we had two sisters under the table, giving us the most delicious head ever. They were so gentle and yet effective with their tongues and fingers and watching them through the glass added to the thrill. At one point, we covered Loki in liquid chocolate and the entire group of us spent hours licking it off and eating him until he begged for more and more and then begged to stop. His cock tasted like more. Caira definitely topped the party scale every time and the mysteries around her life only got more shrouded every time I met up with her. I was like a kid in a candy store and life tasted like sweet pussy and big juicy cock.

Caira wanted to have a baby in order to continue her legacy, and I didn’t ask too many questions. We had spent the night enjoying each other again and enjoying Loki’s divine body and skills. But the morning arrived and Caira was getting ready. A few of the girls had bathed her and dressed her in the most beautiful sheer dress I had ever seen. She glowed, her sensuous body glistened in the light and her face flushed with excitement and anticipation. I was also bathed and dressed in one of Caira’s black numbers, long and completely see through. We both looked like Queens, dirty bad queens, but queens none the less. We were led into the master bedroom and the entire floor was covered in candles around a massive four poster bed. Black silk sheets, incense, music and loads of champagne awaited us. Loki was once again tied to the bed, but this time the desire was clearly visible in his eyes as we entered the room. The hunger and lust could not be masked and he seemed to have forgotten all the danger that lay ahead. His cock was rock hard and this time we decided to tease him a little. Caira needed him desperate and on the verge of explosion. I lay on the bed and Caira removed my dress, she then got the bottle of champagne and poured some over my breasts and tummy and licked it off elegantly. She then poured a trickle between my legs and made Loki watch how she drank it off me. I felt the tip of the bottle enter my pussy and champagne run into me and then felt Caira greedily drink up every drop. Loki was moaning and writhing at this point, but we did not touch him. The champagne took the edge off and soon Caira was sitting on my face drinking out of the bottle. ‘The champagne tastes like you my flower, I can smell and taste you while I drink’ Caira then arched her back and her pussy juices poured out of her like the champagne and I felt her orgasm on my mouth and tongue. I licked her firm ass and felt her cum a few times. At this stage Caira allowed Loki to eat my pussy and I felt my own body shudder with an almighty orgasm. His tongue was deep inside of me, it reached inside and licked every drop of my cum. Oh my God! It felt like I was floating in the air. By now Loki was begging and we were just enjoying a glass of bubbly and the moment.

I had a little whip, and every time Loki’s cock got too hard, I whipped his balls and cock and at one point he was begging to fuck me. I kept his ties on and straddled on top of his massive and dripping cock. I slid slowly onto the fully erect cock and only let him feel deep inside of me before I pulled off again. It was almost time for Caira to receive his load. I sat on his face and watched Caira straddle him. Her face lit up like an angel but her eyes burned bright and dark and she began riding him slowly at first but then with me on his face still, she pounded so hard down on him that he was struggling to breath and moan. He tried to cry out but his mouth was covered by my coming pussy. Caira watched my face as I came and then when I lifted off, she bent over and kissed him so long and hard that his lip began bleeding. We stayed in that room for 3 days, only leaving to bath or order more refreshments. I would get Loki and Caira all heated up and ready and then I watched her fuck his brains out with no mercy or sympathy. He was covered in bite marks, scratches and welts from my leather whip. His stamina and strength however was mind blowing. He seemed constantly ready and able to perform, and never disappointed us once. The third day arrived and besides feeling exhausted, we felt alive and rejuvenated. Loki, however looked slightly haggard and broken. ‘Please my Goddess, I will remain your slave and servant but please I beg you, do not take my balls’ Loki realized the honeymoon phase was over and it was no decision time and there was no way out with Caira. ‘Well, my very handsome sex slave, I need to be sure your seed has reached its destination before I do anything’ and with that she walked out the room.

A few hours later I went down stairs and joined the group again. Caira pulled me one side. ‘So it is official, I am pregnant.’ I knew better than to ask how she knew this so soon, so I hugged her and told her that I am happy and will be happy to help with the baby. ‘God no, darling, I will be gone for the duration of the pregnancy and will only return once the infant is off the teat. I want this child, and she will be the next Goddess when I am tired, but the process of pregnancy and birth just completely scares the fuck out of me, so I will going home to family for the duration and birth. We sat in silence for a while then I asked about Loki. ‘Well my flower if I keep him, I will just end up killing him later anyway. You know how clingy and needy men can be, especially if they are the father of your child. He will try and emotionally black mail me, or want to be part of my child’s life forever. Forever…no fucking way in hell. So, all I can do is remove his balls and let him go. His cock will still work, and it will be done properly, I assure you’ But Caira had a very sinister look in her eyes and I just knew that from here on, we were a team no matter what. That night we spent the night with Loki and I fucked him long and hard and then lay next to him and watched Caira get him hard again. She tenderly caressed his body, kissed him and sucked his cock with complete enjoyment. He closed his eyes and moaned as he came all over her face and mouth. I watched her beautiful face covered in his juices and then leaned over to kiss her, taste his juice one more time. She then pulled out a small ceremonial dagger and sliced his balls in one swift move. I was rooted to the bed, I could not move, the site of the blood and the evil look in her eyes had me mesmerized. She then covered his cock with a towel and stood up, holding his balls in her bands like a chunk of raw meat. Caira smiled at me and walked out of the room with blood dripping behind her on the floor. Loki could not even scream at this point, he was gasping for air and his face with contorted with pain. Two men walked in and ushered me out of the room while they fix and clean him up. I walked down the stairs wondering how they were going to fix that, but also feeling a little high from my evil deed with my queen Caira. I left the country house after much hugging and kissing, it would be a while before I saw my Caira again. ‘I will stay in touch my flower, and your wish is my command, if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask’ She had tears in her eyes, which made me feel all emotional but eventually I was back on the road, feeling the wind in my hair and feeling slightly intoxicated from all the excitement. I never saw Loki again and no one ever spoke his name again. Caira certainly added all the mystery and darkness into my life that I needed to be complete. A good balance of good and evil keeps things fresh and exciting.

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