My friend Tony was having one of his fabulous annual barbecues, this crowd of friends were from the arts and music industries and Tony ensures the party is all things shiny, over the top and always aimed at creating the perfect vibe and safe environment for his craziest of tribe to completely fuck shit up and party like absolute rock stars.  Tony arranged for a private chef to come and cater for our culinary needs, he had arranged the top DJ to come and provide the best sexy deep house beats to keep us dancing until the early hours of the morning.  Tony and his life partner, Tray always made the biggest effort to decorate their home and garden lavishly and provide a theme of their parties, which allows us to dress up and be whoever we desire to be for a whole night.  We all arrived with much excitement, noise and laughing at the different outfits.  Our theme tonight was Beauty and the Beast do Broadway. The pool area was lit up with lanterns, scatter cushions placed around and of course the DJ, Leonard.  The group had really needed a get together, we had all worked together at some point, worked a porn movie or photo shoot together or like Tony and I, grown up together and shared a child hood made of secret dress ups, make up practising and always ensuring Tony’s dear old Mother never discovered his dual identity.  Tony had been married years ago, but only did it for the damn opportunity to dress up and organise the whitest, kit chest wedding in history.  He was however already crushing on Tray, who was working for his wife at the time in her fashion studio.  Tray and Tony felt the chemistry immediately and then tried really hard to ignore it but thank God for his wife Angie.  Angie was a wise woman and almost immediately knew that Tony was not marrying her for the right reasons and she loved him so much, she wanted him to be happy and so eventually divorced Tony and set up a dirty weekend for Tony and Tray on her luxury yacht, and as they say, the rest is history.   As it turned out, Angie met Mel and the two girls fell in love and eloped to Mexico to be married in secret and then returned to open up the largest Vegetarian take away franchise in the country.  Life is amazing and if you are paying attention and always making the most of every moment, you get to live a life that is so full, your stories seem farfetched and you remember them so well, it feels almost as if you get to relive them a few times. 

My entire tribe was here but a few additional people were there too, and of course, the newbies had to be assessed, teased and tested and then approved or scared off for various reasons.  There were two boys, young men that were new to our crowd and I instantly fell in love with both of them.  They almost looked like twins, they were balls of energy and they were both musicians and so later Cris and Mike took the stage at some point and gave us the best performance I have seen yet of ‘I’m a Freak’ and by the end of the song, most of us were standing with them and singing in our worst, drunk voices.  I then dived into the pool, removed my uncomfortable frock and frills and allowed the warm water to soak away any remnants of work or dust from a long week.  The next thing, everyone basically followed my lead into the pool, we had trays of drinks being handed around and of course, Tony had a little surprise up his sleeve.  He had added a shining new pole in the middle of his pool, changed the lights and added a few fountain sprays and falls here and there.  The pool lit up and I heard a familiar intro song…Oh dear…sounds like my cue.  ‘My darling princess, you are my dearest and most desirable female friend ever, you not only taught me to dress for sex, but also became my confidant and sounding board when times got a little hairy.  I would now like it if you could give me your world class naked but freakishly wicked pool pole dance as promised at the last occasion, and of course, you even get a glass counter to show my friends, your ultimate Michelle Pfeifer freak Piano crawl on the glass table but this time the glass is designed to hold your weight. Pretty please just for my birthday’ Tony and the group all moved to the edges of the pool, offered a few whistles and words of encouragement. I swam slowly towards the newly installed Pole, how did I not notice this as soon as I got into the pool? The stainless steel pole rose out of the water but was designed to handle the slippery hands, it had tiny grooves around the handle, thank goodness, because a pole dance turns into a face plant with bum in the air and of course my lack of discipline at laughing at myself is well known in the circles, so I had to make sure the dance is all Tony is expecting.  The song then turned to something really sexy and I closed my eyes and decided to let the water and the music take over my body, and in my mind, I was watching my moves from afar, almost commanding my body sensually and this sent shivers down my spine.  I gripped the steel pole and it felt so amazing gliding through the water and having the extra support to try new moves that I have recently learned.  I circled the pole with my body gliding smoothly out as if I had wings, I then began a gradual slide up towards the top of the pole.  My naked body worked so well with the water and the grip, I was doing moves I could never do without the water and I felt like I was dancing on air, I held the pole with two arms straight out and then pushed my legs outwards and then slowly let them open to an almost perfect split, showing my moist pussy as I twirled around the pole in this position, feeling like a star and shining for my captured audience.  I then lowered my body slowly down and twirled around the pole until I felt the water lick around my thighs and pelvic area.  My loins were fully awake at this stage and I smiled inwardly thinking that I am getting horny from my show and my audience are probably focused on my technique and the lighting.  I glided, slid and curled around the pole and finally made my way to the clear table positioned just for my little finale.  I then did a quick leopard crawl and sex kitten display just for Tony and when I finally lay on my back, the group clapped and cheered and I kept my clothes off but lingered in the pool with a few friends chatting.  Cris and Mike then came swimming over and joined the conversation and past many wicked shooters around.  Cris huddled up against my shoulder ‘Your show was amazing by the way, your confidence and sense of self really had us hooked and stirred our loins just a little, we obviously never just tell anyone that, but wow, you are hot and so natural and the world has too much fake and too little real’ Cris was now a little drunk and was stroking my naked and wet back gently ‘You have such good skin, you are a natural and need very little to look like a Rockstar’ Mike had now moved closer and the three of us were now on the topic of experimental experiences and Mike said ‘Cris has never kissed a woman and I have never had a sexual encounter with a woman’ Mike then suddenly said ‘Fuck, did I just say that out loud!’ We laughed and I then moved right up against Mike and whispered ‘I would love to have a little fun with you both, that would sort out both experiences and will allow me to taste that beautiful cock’ I moved my hand under the water to his cock, which was already getting hard and gently stroked it from the base up to the smooth head and then trailed my finger up his chest and across his hard but soft chest and hard nipples.  He shivered involuntary ‘Follow me boys, we are going to take this special little party to the private alcove at the end of the pool’ I glided on top of the water, allowing my buttocks to peep out with every kick, starting to feel my loins waking up and getting hungry for the two boys and their fresh bodies and open minds, I somehow managed to connect with men and boys wanting to experience the feel of a woman but not just any women, the attraction is usually their feminine side is chemically attracted to woman with masculinity in her sexual appetite and confidence. 

We were in the little alcove designed for exactly this little scenario, with stairs and ledges and everything just perfectly in place to get into the best positions with maximum support and exposure.  A little attention to detail makes all the difference for naughty moments needing something to hold onto while you are being fucked hard and usually by more than one lover.  Mike was already eager to start touching my skin and body, and Cris was up against Mike’s back, with his cock rubbing against his back but his eyes were on us and Mike was now stroking my nipples and my belly.  I then grabbed his buttocks and Cris and I held Mike up on the water and as he floated and had Cris at his head and I then kissed Mike’s thighs, then moved my way up to his balls and cock, licking his shaft and his balls.  The pool water lapped at his body and his eyes were closed and Cris could not hold out any longer and almost as if in a dream, I was sitting on Mike’s lap, his cock plunged deep inside of me and Cris was kissing Mike and then kissing me.  Cris came and stood up and I had his cock in my mouth and I could feel Mike’s cock swelling and then Cris came and gave my pussy lips a kiss and I then came like a machine.  Mike tensed up ‘Oh my God, that feels incredible… oh yes..’ Mike then came deep inside of me and Cris, who had been rubbing himself also shot his load onto our faces.  We clung together for a few minutes and then just lay in the alcove and giggled, drank shots and our smiles were broad, like goofy teenagers and as I lay back looking up the night sky, I saw a star wink down at me and I winked back secretly, yes, life can hold its absolute pleasures in the places you least expect.  The 3 of us became close friends and spent many times getting up to no good at all.

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