If only I had listened to my gut feel. If only I had checked with Caira first. But Caira was still away and I had not heard from her for months now. If fucking only! I was at a private party with a ‘close friend’ of Caira and her crew and suddenly things just didn’t feel right. The night had started out perfectly well, with warm up cocktails on the deck and the real party happening underground. I was used to parties in strange places and I felt quite comfortable in the depths of the underground and underbelly of the city. The drinks flowed and the music penetrated the walls and passages until the earth itself shook. I had Jazmin and Jay keeping me entertained and very busy with their grabbing hands and adventurous mouths. Jazmin was beautiful and very dark and Jay looked like a surfer gear model. They fed me copious amounts of tequila and rum and had me coming so loud in the jacuzzi earlier that security came in to check if all was okay. Jazmin had a way with her delicate tongue and fingers that could make me crawl up walls. But now, they had me blind folded and tied to a large, four poster bed in a secret chamber. And my instincts were on high alert.

‘So, you are Caira’s little rose then, her Kryptonite. And now with Caira away, you have no one to protect you from her dark world’. Jay was running his finger over my body, up my leg and stomach and towards my neck. I felt the cold of his finger but the heat from his dark heart. Jazmin was sitting on the bed and humming softly. It was a haunting song, and I had heard it before somewhere. I then felt her mouth on my lips, kissing gently and licking. Her breath was fast and her breathing was deep. She nuzzled my neck and pulled in a deep, deep breath. Taking in the smell of me and my fear. I then felt her straddle my body with hers, sitting on my pelvic area and rubbing her pussy against my mound. I heard her moan, and felt her fingers finding their way to my wet and warm pussy. She lightly touched me, but gently nudged her finger slowly and deeply into me. It felt so damn good, my body reacted and I felt my juices flow between my legs. I then felt a tongue licking it off my thighs, Jay moaned ‘Oh My god you do taste ever so good’. He licked Jazmin’s finger with relish and then thrust his hot tongue deep inside of me. I could not hold out any longer and I felt my body lurch with pleasure and I came all over Jay’s face. I felt him rub his face all over my pussy, pushing his nose and tongue into me. I came again and again and then I felt Jazmin’s bite, on the side of my neck.

I felt the pain, but more than that, I felt the warmth that suddenly took over my entire body. I felt like I was floating over the bed. Jazmin and Jay were hovering around me like angels. Jay was then on top of me and was driving his rock- hard cock deep into my body. As he pushed deeper and deeper, I felt his mouth on my neck, sucking at my life and my consciousness. Jazmin was kissing my mouth and my face and Jay was fucking me into oblivion. I could feel every inch of his cock inside of me, exploring my body and finding all the little control buttons. I then felt Jazmin on my face, tasted her sweet pussy on my lips and face. She moved her pussy with my tongue and before long, I tasted her sweet nectar in my mouth. I felt her body spasm and cum and then felt Jay shoot his very hot and very large load deep with me. I felt him at my neck and my orgasm hit me like a train. I screamed with complete ecstasy and pleasure and felt a hot fire cursing through my veins. My pussy exploded several times and my body was a quivering mess. I was completely paralyzed and could barely catch my breath.

I awoke several hours later, on the bed and still tied up. I was alone in the room and all I could see were a few flickering candles and one large window. The moon shone through the curtains and lit up a small sliver on the floor and bed. What did they want from me and why were they doing this to Caira. Perhaps with her out of the country, they decided to try and make a move for the leadership or perhaps it was more revengeful. My body was starting to ache and my neck felt like it was on fire. The door flung open and Jay and Jazmin came in looking radiant and ready for more. ‘Caira will be very angry with you if you continue to keep me here. If you let me go now, I won’t say a word’. My mouth was so dry and I knew keep inside it was futile. They were not going to listen to me. Jazmin climbed back on top of me and started kissing me gently on the mouth and then she moved down to my neck and I could feel her licking and sucking again and I could feel my body shutting down. She then worked her way down to my pussy and began working me up for another explosion. Her mouth sucked my clit until it was double its size and then she gave it a final suck and lick and I squirted a stream of honey straight onto her beautiful face.

My eyes were struggling to stay open at this point and the pleasure had replaced the fear and pain and I could feel myself floating down a river into a very dark abyss. Jay had his cock inside my ass this time and was about to shoot his load deep inside of me when the door burst open and I completely blanked out. I heard noises, shuffling and a few blood curdling screams then silence. I heard a voice call my name, felt arms around me and then I tasted something warm and salty in my mouth. I tried to resist but it trickled down my throat and I could feel a raging fire in my body again. I awoke a few hours later, back in my own bed and with Caira sitting next to me. ‘Don’t try and speak my flower, just rest for now. Your body has some fixing to do and I will make sure you are okay’ She leaned over and kissed me and I drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. I awoke a day later, feeling like nothing had happened. I saw the note and the rose from Caira. ‘My precious flower, I am so sorry about Jay and Jazmin and I assure you that they have been punished and they will never bother you ever again. See you very soon my rose’. I lay on my bed and only vague remnants of that fateful night lingered in my mind. It was almost as if it had only happened in a nightmare. My neck had no scar and my body felt exhilarated and alive and I was over the moon with the news of Caira being back.


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