I was on my way to school, well, it was more like on my way to school to stand in for a sports teacher but being back at school reminded me of my days at school and all the mischief I got up to with my friends.  I was given the welcome and introduced to the other teachers.  A few of the them gave me the usual disapproving glares, while a few of the male teachers gave me that usual ‘I wanna fuck you’ leers.  It was going to be a fun two weeks indeed.   I then did tour of the high school and was shown to the sports fields to meet the girls for their Netball practise.  The girls were all so damn hot, in their short little skirts and white T shirts filled with budding breasts. ‘Good afternoon Ladies, I will be your substitute teacher for the next two weeks, I played Netball at school myself and look forward to just helping you get fit and ready for your upcoming tournaments.  You can call me Vicky and you will have to help me with names, I remember faces but struggle with names. I smiled at the girls and heard a giggle erupt and saw a group of them giving me those mischievous little looks and I knew I had my work and fun, cut out for me.  We had two matches to practise for, so I would need to stay focused and not allow my dirty mind to interfere with the job too much though.  ‘Right Girls, you need to do your warm up around the field’ I blew the whistle and off the girls went on their warm up jog.  I ran with them, it felt good to be running around the field with the noisy girls.  I watched the groups of girls, tried to figure out who the popular girls were and who the outsiders were, but they all looked like popular girls, they were all pretty, smoking hot bodies and real slutty attitudes oozing out of their pores.  They all wore a bit of make-up and their skirts were definitely too short, so this was where the naughty girls come to play and I was lucky enough to be their teacher for the next two weeks.

We were playing a mock match and were focused on our line ups and strategies and were really having a great time.  Tiffany was the leader it would seem and she was a huge help with getting to know the names of all the girls.  I also noticed the girls were not wearing their secret shorts under their skirts and was not sure if I should even say anything at all.  I did however notice a few eyes from one of the nearby classes. Tiffany came off the court and came to tie her laces, she bent down in front of me and all could see were her white little thongs, her butt cheeks peeking out and the lower part of her pussy peeping at me.  My loins stirred, and I had to turn away and get back to the court.  Tiffany ran back out and her devil smile lingered on her lips as she noticed my reaction to her little show.  We spent the rest of the day laughing, practising the game and helping each other with shooting and defending.  The girls loved to touch each other and constantly hugged and touched each other’s butts.  ‘Hey Vicky, why don’t we all go for a swim at the hostel pool, it is nice and quiet and it is really hot’ Tiffany was full of good ideas today.  We all got into our underwear and jumped right into the cool, clear pool, and just spent the next hour chilling and getting to know each other.  Tiffany was literally on my lap and Kelly was playing with my hair, ‘you are so beautiful and so sexy Vicky, I can’t believe you are a teacher’ Tiffany was now sitting on my knee, her cool panties were now the only thing between her pussy and my thigh, her eyes twinkled as she felt my skin pucker up and my muscles flex under her hungry little snatch.  She closed her eyes as she arched her back and suddenly I felt her pussy tighten and swell and I felt her orgasm ripple on her butt cheeks and I felt her shudder slightly and she slumped up against my chest.  ‘I am sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I tried to stop it but it was just too hard, especially with your soft thighs right underneath me’ I smiled down at her and said ‘It was my pleasure, and now you owe me one’ I got the girls out of the pool and went up to the offices to see about the peeping tom situation. 

I found the office that looked out at the Netball courts and of course, found my peeping tom.  His name was Rick and he was the Biology teacher.  In fact, one of the girls had mentioned a Rick the Dick earlier today in the swimming pool.  He was apparently known for his little comments and leery eyes trying to look under the girl’s skirts when they sit on the high chairs.  Rick was middle aged, not bad looking but had ‘Bossy’ wife written all over his face and posture.  The poor man was hen pecked and got his rocks off at school with all the naughty school girls.  ‘Good afternoon Rick, I just wanted to come and chat to you about your little peeping habits’ I walked around the desk and sat on his desk, right in front of Rick, with my little hockey skirt barely covering my naked pussy.  His eyes darted down as expected and then slowly made their way up to my protruding nipples.  ‘You are obviously a very naughty boy, and I don’t appreciate you getting your cock all hard watching my Netball girls frolic around in their short skirts and white panties sticking out when they jump, their budding breasts all sweaty and nipples all but showing through the thin and wet fabric’ Rick was virtually on the point of coming with my vivid description and I saw his cock jump under his black pants.  I lifted my foot and placed it firmly on his cock, his eyes bulged and he licked his lips, he was almost bursting at the seams.  I opened my legs a bit more and let him have a good look at my exposed and slightly wet pussy, then shut my legs and stepped off the desk.  ‘If I catch you peeping again Rick, I may have to come back here and sort you out properly, and trust me, it won’t be as pleasant as you think’.  I walked out of the office and headed home.

We won our first match a week later and our second victory in the second week. and celebrated at one of the girl’s homes, her parents were away for the weekend, and I felt like I was back at school.  Tiffany and Angela lured me upstairs at one point and we were on a king size bed, discussing boys and sex and all kinds of naughty topics, as girls do when they get half a chance.  Eventually I was lying naked on the bed, with the two girls were now kissing me and Angela had already moved down to my pussy to begin her French kissing technique on my very horny Venus Mound.  Her lips kissed my lips gently, but with a little tongue, which just rubbed up my clit as she moved around.  Tiffany was sitting on my face, her pussy was so tight and so very sweet, she watched me lick and tease her clit from above and I felt her orgasm building and then her juices flowed out like honey from the pot and she gasped and writhed as she came a few times.  Angela had gently slid her finger inside of me and was licking my clit, and my orgasm had been building for a few days now so it gripped my entire body, my pussy felt like it had exploded and I saw stars by the time the 3rd and final one hit.  Tiffany was kissing her own juices off my lips and my finger was inside her ass and we were all lost in a moment of pure ecstasy.  We lay on the bed for a few minutes, got cleaned up and went back to the party. All the girls were completely naked at this point and were spraying each other with beer and all kinds of things.  The shots were being drunk from belly’s and salt licked off nipples and feet.  The party was crazy and all the girls took a turn doing a bit of a lap dance for me to say good bye.  I watched the girls showing their bodies off and acting like grown-ups but with girly demure and a slightly shy attitude.  These girls were just starting out and I remembered them as being some of the best days of my life.  Later I was back home, lying in my bed and drifting off to sleep with sweet memories and lingering smells and tastes of my wicked night with the Netball girls.  If only the school knew just how wicked I was, they would never hire me again.  I drifted off into wet dreams of Tiffany and the pool and remembered just how much I loved my life. 

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