A private dancer

I have always loved dancing but doing private shows became a bit of a hobby for me once my reputation gained momentum. I love being sexy on the dance floor and I have been paid to do quite a few private shows for a select audience due to my daring nature and ability to combine dancing with one on one sex shows. I also mastered the Pole but I obviously put my own spin onto the traditional dance style. Nothing in half measures I always say. I was to do one of my special pole dance sets for a group of Russian delegates and I was to show these hot blooded Russians a good time that they will not forget in a hurry.

I arrived at the party and mingled for a few hours, enjoying the champagne and also taking time to get to know my audience for obvious reasons. A few hours later I entered my arena. The pole was glistening in the centre of the room, lights were pulsating to the sexy music and my show began. I mounted the pole and suddenly I was on top of the world. I slowly moved and began removing my scant clothing, one item at a time. Finally I was naked and was upside down, reaching down for my new prop. It was a vibrator that matched the metal of my pole. It was large, hungry and ready to draw my audience into my most intimate and dirty corners of my fantasy. My pole was now clenched between my ankles and my hands now free for my toy teasing along my oiled thighs, moving sensually towards my willing pussy. I slowly took my toy and started around my clit and ass and finally, with a dramatic thrust that matched the now hypnotic music, slid all the way into the wet depths of my very exposed pussy. Within seconds I came and without any restraint or control, squirted a flow of juice onto the floor and pole around me. I moved down and licked my pole clean before starting with my toy again but this time focusing on my entire body. It felt like my whole body was electrified and my dance became more intense and heated. I then slid down gently and began my dance routine in the arena amongst my captivated audience.

I leopard crawled towards the group of lustful men and focused on weaving rhythmically between them individually. Rolling and grinding, my Lap dances turned into fingers and tongues probing, turned into an open exploration and fucking. Shots of vodka were served from my bellybutton and poured off my hot tits and licked off my pussy. I was in heaven. I eventually made my way back to the pole and signalled one of the tall, strong, hot Russians to come and assist with my closing act. I was hanging on my pole and my Russian man was standing at the base of the pole and I lowered my pussy gently onto his beautiful and very large cock. I handed him the toy and allowed him to tease my ass gently which added to both our pleasure. My hips gyrated in time with the hot tune and pounded at him with deliberate and deep thrusts until he could stand it no more. I then flipped upside down again and sucked his cock until he shot his full load into my mouth and all over my face and naked body. I lowered myself down onto the floor and rolled over and with my signature freshly fucked look, laying back with satisfaction and exhaustion and just absorbed all the applaud and appreciation around me.

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