A picnic in the park

It was one of those sultry summer days and our neighborhood had a public park area with a little lake and loads of shady trees. I packed a basket and cooler bag with supplies, put on my little imported bikini and a sun hat and set out to find a shady corner to misbehave. The park was fairly busy but I managed to find a spot that was away from the crowds and got comfy on my blanket with my drink and my dirty mind.  After a few rum and cokes I had enough Dutch courage to venture into the lake naked. I figured no one would really notice and my love of skinny dipping has taught me many tricks to enjoy it without too much attention or getting arrested too often. I made my way into the cool water and slipped my bikini off and left it with my towel on the side of the lake. I felt so free and ever so sexy swimming naked in the crystal clear lake with so many people around. My day was almost perfect.  Within a few minutes I noticed a young couple making their way towards my side of the lake and I pretended to ignore them. Soon I heard a call …the girl was trying to attract my attention. I turned and waved and saw her swimming straight towards me.
“hi” she said with a big smile on her face. “I see im not the only one that likes to swim naked” Her big blue eyes were almost the color of the blue lake. “my boyfriend finds it a huge turn on for me to swim in public and especially with such a sexy woman like you” She moved closer and soon we were almost touching. ” Would you mind if we join you for a bit?”

“Not at all” I responded with an evil glint in my eye. This day was about to be perfect. Her super hot boyfriend had made his way to where we were and was just drifting around watching us intently. The blue eyed girl was in my arms, giggling and all sexy and soon we were kissing. I felt her firm tits and her hard stomach against me and it felt like we were mermaids in the middle of a calm sea. Her tongue was in my mouth…she tasted like strawberry’s…and my fingers were moving slowly down towards her cleanly shaven and very young pussy. She pushed her body even closer and soon had her finger inside me. We were playing ever so gently and oh so softly and in the corner of my eye, I saw the boyfriend move slowly in.  Within seconds I felt her mouth on my tits and her boyfriends cock against my back. “Can I watch Malcolm fuck you here in the lake” she whispered in a husky voice. I moaned and pulled him into me so hard but kept kissing her. Soon she had her tits in my mouth and said “lets go ashore…I want you to eat my pussy while you are being fucked” and soon we found my quiet corner and blanket and I was being fucked so beautifully on that lawn while my blue eyed girl was hovering above my face. Her pussy tasted of strawberries too…how delicious and when she came on my tongue, her boyfriend moved in and kissed all the juices off my mouth and pounded his hard cock into me with such urgency. He then pulled out and my strawberry girl and I sucked and licked his cock until his cum shot all over our faces and bodies. We kissed again and she giggled with excitement. Her hot boyfriend then went down and ate my pussy like a pro while strawberries kissed my tits and my body. I lay under those shady trees, feeling that tongue slip inside of me and felt like a goddess. He made me cum so hard I may have squirted and then I watched the two beautiful love birds enjoy each other while I lay there spent and watched.  We lay there for a while not saying a word but just enjoying the sun on our naked skin and then ran naked to the lake and jumped in like naughty children. We swam for a while and then after a long kiss goodbye…parted ways. I found my bikini where I left it but decided to be a rebel. With a large number of people looking, I gracefully walked out of the lake butt naked and walked slowly over to my blanket and sat down with a big grin on my face. The men were staring and in true fashion, the women complaining, so I figured I had a few minutes to pack up and leave. The last thing that the picnicking people saw that day was a butt naked and wet woman wearing a freshly fucked look, carrying a basket and climbing into a car and driving off slowly with a content and smug look on her face not giving a second thought to public indecency or the gossiping stares from the public. They should consider themselves lucky I say.

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