A new tenant moved into the apartment next door to me and I had noticed some movement next door but had not had time to go and introduce myself yet. I was just getting ready to go and shower one evening when I heard a knock on my door. Wrapped in a towel, I opened the door and came face to face with a tall, dark and very handsome man. ‘I am sorry, I can see you are busy’ his eyes flickered awkwardly over my half naked body ‘I have just moved in next door, and wanted to know if I could please use your phone, I have accidentally locked myself out’. He was trying really hard to keep eye contact, and I smiled and stepped aside. ‘Of course, please come in, I will get my phone for you quick’. I handed him the phone and left him the entrance hall to make his call. ‘Thank you so much, help is on the way’. His eyes twinkled bright blue and his smile caused my stomach to do back flips. ‘My name is Justin by the way’. I invited him to sit and wait for his keys, while I went and put my gown on. The poor guy seemed a little uncomfortable with my body but I just assumed he had a wife and didn’t want to seem to be looking at another woman. Men are just so fucken predictable.

A few weeks went by, when I had problems with my apartment door. It seemed to be stuck or something, so I knocked on my neighbors door, laughing inside at the situation again. Justin opened the door, looking like a million dollars. ‘I am locked out of my apartment, but it’s my lock I think, something has jammed’. I gave him my most pathetic woman in distress look and of course, he immediately got his tool box and headed for my door. ‘Please make yourself comfortable, let me go and have a look’. I headed for the lounge and was impressed how tidy this man was and then I noticed his cloak. Oh my, he is a priest or something similar and my inner smile got a little giggle in it. It has been years since I had the pleasure of corrupting a man of the cloth. This could be fun. Justin returned victorious and offered me a coffee, which I accepted with a big hug and thank you. I felt his hard body stiffen slightly in my embrace but also felt his hard muscles and large bulge against my stomach. We had our coffee and chatted about his life as a Priest. He had decided from a young age to give his life to God and to take a vow of celibacy. ‘I thought that sort of thing was old fashioned, and that priests may get married these days or have relationships’. I was trying to sound as ignorant as possible but was secretly enjoying his reaction and body language. ‘It is a great test of faith and character to choose my path, but the spiritual rewards are worth it’. He seemed to be trying to convince himself and this gave me the sign I needed. I was going to show this man, just what he is missing out on.

I had been invited to go and hear him preach at his chapel up the road, and I decided to go and take a look. I was keen to see this man in action and of course, the idea of seeing him in his outfit gave me a sense of excitement and wicked desire. I made sure I sat right in front, wearing my tight, but fairly modest little dress. Justin noticed me immediately and seemed a little flustered but soon got his sermon going and tried his best to avoid eye contact me with. I waited for him to look at me and then I crossed my legs over, slowly, making sure he got a look at my new white lace thongs covering my sinful pussy. He definitely had a lot of charisma, and his sermon was powerful and very real and I could see the entire congregation was in awe of this God fearing man. I lingered after the church emptied and headed towards the confession booths. I had always wanted to go into one of those booths, and to confess my dirty thoughts to a super-hot priest, was an opportunity I could not pass up. I sat in the booth and then heard the door in the booth next to me open and saw Justin through the slats between us. ‘I have never confessed before, so I am not sure what to do, but I feel the need to do this’. I kept my voice all sweet and innocent and I could hear him fidgeting again. He knew it was me, I was sure of that but he maintained his composure. ‘You just have to confess any sins you may have committed and usually say a prayer to God to ask for his forgiveness’ He never lifted his eyes to look at me, but just kept his head down and waited for me to respond. ‘Ok so I need to confess that I am having sinful thoughts about a man of the cloth, dirty thoughts in fact. I desire what I should not have, and I am sitting in the house of God imaging all kinds of wicked ways to take advantage of this man’. I gave my best performance and almost felt remorse, but it was gone before it even happened. I will have no remorse fucking this man so hard right here in this booth, and will be happy going to hell for it. ‘You need to fight the urge, show discipline and respect for the decision of this Man, I mean, you should work through these feelings….’ The poor man was trying to find the words and react the proper way because he most definitely knew I was speaking about him. I then heard the door open and he was gone.
A few days later I popped in at the chapel again, I had not seen Justin for a while and figured he was avoiding me. Well, I was not to be ignored. I walked in and it was dimly lit, empty and had a very cosy feeling to it. I heard some noise in the back and headed towards it. I saw the priest sorting out papers and stuff on a little desk and tapped him on the shoulder ‘Good evening father’ He turned around and was inches from me. ‘I am sorry to bother you, but I wanted to see if you were ok’ I gazed deep into his eyes and just wanted to fuck him right there. He could see what I was thinking and swallowed hard and tried to speak, but nothing audible came out of his mouth at that point. I grabbed his hand and put it against my chest ‘Can you feel what you do to my heart?’ His hand was shaking and he could not tear his hand away, or his eyes for that matter. I moved closer to him and kissed his lips. I pushed up against his body and felt his cock jump just a little under his black pants. He could not control his desires and I made sure he could not escape, I pressed my hips up against him and whispered ‘I just can’t stop thinking about you, I masturbate every night just thinking about what I could do with you’ His whole body was now trembling and a slight moan escaped his lips. I could see his internal battle raging in his eyes and decided to make his decision for him. I dropped my dress in one movement and straddled myself on the little desk in front of him. ‘I need you so badly, and I know that you want me too. I can see how much you want me’. I was undoing his pants and he had little to no resistance to my advances. His cock was so big and so hard, I needed to taste it. I dropped to me knees and took his throbbing cock into my mouth. I heard his breath catch in his throat and it made my pussy really wet. I sucked and licked his cock until he could barely contain himself, he was shaking like a leaf and I got back up on the table and guided his beautiful cock into my hungry pussy. His eyes were closed and I could feel his heart beating so fast and felt him growing bigger and bigger with every thrust. His cock reached so deep inside of me and I felt my orgasm explode all over him and then he arched his body and was soon squirting his hot load inside of me. He came so hard and for so long it felt was if I would drown but he obviously had years of desire to release and I could see the look of absolute ecstasy on his beautiful face.

Justin and I remained lovers for a few months but my exit plan was the cherry on the cake. I went to the chapel one night and found Justin working late as usual. I told him I wanted to confess one more time and went and waited for him to arrive in the booth next door. I waited for him to get inside and then I slipped into the same booth with him. He tried to protest but I was on his lap and began exploring his mouth with my tongue. I managed to slip handcuffs on him and with a snap, he suddenly realized he was helpless. ‘You can’t do this in here, someone might come in for a confession’ He was trying so hard to sound serious but I had his cock in my mouth and it was difficult for him to even speak. The next moment we heard the door to the confessional open and close and someone sitting down. ‘Forgive me Father for I have sinned’ The woman in the booth sounded older and continued to tell a story relating to her sister and husband that had an affair and now she was looking for salvation for her thoughts of revenge and hatred. By now Justin was close to coming and I slipped back onto his lap and continued to fuck him slowly and quietly while he fought the desire to moan and cry out. I rode him like a stallion and watched his beautiful face as he tried to comfort the lady next door and tried hard to sound professional. I came and felt his body respond and put my hand over his mouth to prevent him from calling out. ‘Father, are you okay?’ The woman seemed concerned. ‘You sound like you are upset, or perhaps ill? Justin managed to tell her he is fine, just very tired and did his blessing for her with me planted firmly on his lap, his cock throbbing inside of my soaking wet pussy. I leaned over, unlocked the handcuff’s, slid off his lap and slipped out the confessional just as the woman was leaving. ‘Good evening’ I said in a cheerful voice, and walked out the chapel wearing my freshly fucked look and a very messy dress. Weeks later, Father Justin quit the church and went traveling and exploring the world. My work there was done and I will never forget my confessional booth sex-capade.

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