My great aunt owned a house in the English country and I was on my way to England to go help her pack up and move into a smaller apartment. She was getting too old to keep the house and its staff running, so it was time to scale down a bit. I arrived in London in the pouring rain and the driver quickly got me into the car and began the drive out to Aunt Nanna’s country manor. He was as old as my aunt, looked like a character from a Vampire movie I watched recently, and barely said two words to me on the long drive. We arrived after what felt like days on the road, and I was soon inside the large parlour, waiting to greet aunt Nanna. The fire was lit and the house had a dark and damp feel about it, the interior furniture seemed to come out of the 1920’s, and the entire house seemed stuck in a time warp. Aunt Nanna made her entrance, and despite her 85 years, still kept her regal posture and looked every bit the lady I remembered. ‘My God you are gorgeous, you managed to inherit all the good looks as well as the brains, I see’ We hugged and it was good to see her again. I have very little family left and being with my aunt, brought back so many memories of my childhood and my deceased parents. By the time we finished our tea, my bags were unpacked and my bedroom was made ready. The giant four poster bed was the bed I slept in as a child and I remember feeling like a princess every time I lay on it. They had lit a fire in my room and it felt really cosy but I also felt like someone was watching me. Must be the old house playing tricks on my mind. I looked down on the sprawling gardens below and noticed a man standing under the trees looking up at me. He was holding a spade, but was just looking up at me. He was dressed oddly for a gardener, jeans and a white pirate style shirt. He looked darkly Spanish and had a menacing yet enticing look on face. I smiled but he turned and disappeared into the vast garden. A delicious morsel to keep my sanity in this depressing place. I bet he has strong hands and a giant cock. I felt my loins stir up. Best I get ready for dinner before I end up on that bed.

Dinner was a grand affair, silver service on the long dining room table, served by a butler that smelled like moth balls. The conversation was warm but I felt a constant chill in my bones. Someone was watching. There was something else in this house. ‘Aunt Nanna, have you ever had ghosts in this house?’ My aunt was open minded about this sort of thing. ‘I keep feeling like there is something in this house, like I am being watched.’ The butler coughed and shuffled into the kitchen, my aunt cleared her throat and gave me her calmest voice. ‘Well of course there are ghosts here, look at this damn place. It was built hundreds of years ago and everything in it is old and from another time. But the ghosts are not scary my dear, they just hang around as ghosts do and occasionally knock something over by accident.’ She had a glint in her eyes but a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. ‘Charles!’ Aunt Nanna shouted ‘You know he is as deaf as a doornail, poor bugger’ She was referring to the old butler. ‘Charles, we need more gravy!’ Her voice still managed to carry well and soon the door swung open and Charles shuffled in. He moved towards the table, but kept his eyes on me. He had a crazy look in his eyes. Freaky old man, gave me the shivers, and perhaps he was the one watching me in secret, sneaking around the castle, trying to frighten me.

Aunt Nanna retired to bed after dinner and I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and headed up to my bedroom. A hot bubble bath, my new book and a whiskey sounded like the best way to end this day. I ran the bath, got everything ready and got in. The bubbles were so fragrant and the room had steamed up a bit but a light breeze came in from under the door. The whiskey was excellent and my book had me hooked on the first page. I then noticed a shadow under the door, like someone was standing on the other side. Perhaps the creepy butler was coming to get an eyeful of me in the bath. ‘Charles, is that you?’ The shadow did not move but no response either. ‘I can see you standing behind the door, you know’ Perhaps I should stand up and give him something to really look at. He might die of heart failure, the poor bastard. I stood up and felt the bubbles run down my naked body. I faced the door, and then the shadow disappeared. ‘Too much to handle old man’ I sat back down into the water and lay back to get back to my comfy position. Perhaps it was the hot gardener, just lurking behind that door with his hard and hungry cock. I slid my hand up my thighs and found my pussy, the warm water felt so delicious. I could definitely do with a bit of Spanish cock right now, feel his hard body pressing against me. My finger slid so easily inside, found that little spot and a warm tingle licked my entire body. I needed to be fucked by that dirty fucking gardener, over and over again, until I cried out and begged him to stop. His arms pinning me down and his pelvis grinding into me until I bled. Fuck, I felt the orgasm take me and I shuddered and moaned, splashing bubbles and water onto the floor. I felt a bit better, but I will have him.

The following day consisted of meetings with lawyers, estate agents and contractors, and by the time we were done, I was ready to get really drunk. So much paperwork and decisions to make but the bulk of the formalities were taken care of now and so I had the rest of the afternoon and night to get really shit faced and get some fucking action. I wandered down the pathway into the lush garden, breathing in the crisp air and I felt the icy wind touch my exposed pussy as I walked. It was a little cold for a dress, but I had a coat and I needed the freedom. The cold air was making me very horny, for some reason, or it was the clean air. I am most definitely sure that it was actually the Spanish gardener that was really to blame. I had not seen him all day but decided to go and explore a bit. The English flowers and shrubs were just absolutely beautiful and the little blue bells were almost magical. I then noticed the gardener standing a little way ahead of me, watching me again. ‘Hey’ I called out to him ‘Wait’. I started moving towards him but as true as fuck, he disappeared again. I followed a trail towards a little hut. Smoke came out of the chimney and it looked a bit like a wood cutters cabin. ‘Hello, anyone there’ I stepped closer to the door. Maybe he is a creepy, mad person, perhaps I should just go. I turned to leave but I heard a voice ‘Come on in, its ok, I won’t hurt you’ He definitely had a thick accent, I was right. A fucking hot Spaniard pirate man. ‘I am the groundsman here’ I turned back around and slowly walked towards the open door, he was standing there watching me with that damn look again. Broody, hungry. I slipped past him and I could smell the wood and earth on him and it took all of me to not just push him onto the floor right there and suck his cock.
He made us coffee, with a dash of rum. There is that pirate thing again. Fuck! ‘So, you are the groundsman for my aunt, a shit load of work I think, this place is huge’. He just smiled and offered me more coffee. ‘You don’t sound British though’ He looked into my eyes as he spoke ‘No, I was born and raised in Spain and then I lived in the Caribbean for most of my adult life. I could barely contain myself. ‘Like a pirate’ I said in a soft voice. ‘Exactly my lady’. He got up off his chair and knelt down beside me to stoke the little fire, his arm inches away from me, I could feel the heat coming off his body. His scent was driving me wild. He looked up at me with those huge dark pools and moved forward slowly, his lips were now right in front of mine. I held my breath, my heart was pounding and I had to hold back a whimper that threatened to escape my lips. His lips touched mine ever so gently and I closed my eyes. Within seconds I was lifted up in his strong arms and being placed down on his bed. It felt like I was in a trance, he had such magnetism and strength but also a deep and dark look lurking in those eyes. His mouth was exploring and found my quivering thighs and very moist Venus mound. His tongue plunged into me and I cried out. It was truly like a dream. The smell of the fire and his musky scent made me feel a little dizzy. He made me shake and moan and I had no control over anything at that moment. He had all of me and was taking me into a world of fire. I came so many times that by the time he pushed his giant cock into me, I could barely breath at all. He felt weightless on me, but his cock pounded inside of me like a jack hammer. He focused on pleasing me only and oh my God he was succeeding and I had not met anyone like him before. It felt like we were there for hours and the sun began to set.

I woke up with a start. I heard my name. The gardener was nowhere to be seen. I got my dress back on went outside. ‘Oh, thank God’ Charles was standing there with a large torch. ‘We have been looking for you my dear, your aunt is beside herself with worry’. ‘I am sorry, I must have dozed off here for a while’. I followed Charles back to the house. My aunt and I had coffee. ‘I so enjoyed the garden today aunt Nanna, they are absolutely beautiful. ‘The groundsman definitely has his hands full here’. She looked confused. ‘No, my dear, we have not had a grounds man here for years. Since Juan disappeared many years ago. We get a garden service company in once a week, and in fact they are here tomorrow’. She got up ‘I am now going to retire my dear, sleep well and see you at breakfast’. She left the room before I could even respond. No grounds man, then who the fuck was the man that fucked the devil out of me earlier today in the little hut? My skin felt cold suddenly and my heart was beating in my chest. I walked upstairs with legs of jelly, poured a stiff drink and lay on the bed. I met Juan, of that I am sure but if he disappeared years ago, he would be an old man now or dead. I decided to do some investigating on my laptop. What I discovered was that my grandmother and Juan were accused of being too familiar and my grandfather killed him and buried his body in the woods. The best kept secret in the family so far, I would say and I will never forget my encounter. Being fucked by a ghost left me feeling a little aroused and a little scared. The best combination in my opinion.

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