A doctor’s desire

Women often have fantasies about a hot doctor and those beds with the stirrups conjure images of precarious positions and possibilities…and I am no exception. I was at the doctor for a routine check up. I was in the gown, on the bed, legs up and ready for my regular doctor. But in walked this tall, extremely sexy man and introduced himself as a stand in doctor. Dr Phillips was everything any fantasy conjured up and more and I was now concerned as to how I was going to hide my hungry pussy from his professional fingers. He smiled and sat down next to me. He went through a few routine questions and when it came to the actual examination I closed my eyes and tried to direct my mind out of the gutter.

He applied lube to his internal sonar and moved to the end of the bed and between my raised knees. He gently inserted the probe and I saw a twinkle in his eye as he caught my glance. ‘You must relax a bit more, am I hurting you? His eyes locked mine. ‘You are not hurting me doctor, its just that I can’t control how my…mmm…my…you know…will react’. I felt myself blush slightly. He had now fully inserted the probe and I then felt his fingers around my clit. Oh fuck! All I need is to come now and totally embarrass myself. His finger was now moving gently across my swelling clit and I could see his other hand manoeuvring the probe. My pussy was reacting to all the stimulation and I could see the glint in his eyes again. He knew what he was doing and seemed to be enjoying my pussy.

‘Am I making you feel uncomfortable?’ The naughty doctor asked without looking up. ‘Not at all doctor, I just can’t promise my pink bits will behave with your examination’ I responded with a shaky voice. His probe was rubbing my G spot and I was fighting the fast approaching orgasm. ‘My pussy has a mind of its own, sorry’ But he was actually enjoying it, I could see it in his face. He thrust the probe one final time and rubbed my clit and within seconds I came all over his probe and fingers. ‘Oops’ was all I could muster in a whisper.
‘I love all your G spots, very few women have them…you must feel amazing inside when you have multiples’. His brow had sweat on it and his hands were slightly shaky.
‘Well doctor, if only your probe was a little more realistic…’ I gave him my evil eye.

‘I rarely get turned on these days because of my job, but you seem to be undoing all my professionalism right now’ and he stood up, showing me the enormous bulge in his pant. I leaned forward and unzipped him. Wow…his cock was perfect. I lay back and offered my dripping wet pussy to him. He moaned as he thrust his cock deep inside me. The lube had made it really slippery and I felt his probe enter my butt. Oh my God! This doctor was wickedly naughty and I felt my body melt as I readied myself for the explosion that was about to hit me. I felt him arch and felt his cum shoot deep inside my pussy as I came. He stood and just held tight as all my G spots quivered and my body was writhing with each spasm. He however continued, penetrating deep and rhythmically. He caressed my breasts and licked my nipples. He then pulled out and entered my butt gently and slowly. He put his finger in my pussy and worked me up for another orgasm. I felt every inch of my body tingle and then it hit. I came so hard I squirted a stream of cum, which was the first time it had squirted so much and so hard. The doctor then pulled out and came all over my naked body. If only all doctors were like this…I could find reasons to visit regularly, even if just for a good service by an expert every few weeks.

An hour later I was sitting at a coffee shop trying to compose myself but the doctor had skillfully managed to undo me properly. My legs were still like jelly and my pussy was still tingling and swollen. I drank my coffee and my freshly fucked face glowed for the rest of the day. Doctor doctor…cant you see im burning burning…that song stayed with me a while and I looked forward to my next check up.

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