A cruel mistress

My dreams have been filled with Caira and her dark and oh so delicious desires. I wake up as I am about to cum on her face and her cruel laughter lingers through my mind for hours. I have no way to contact her but I can feel her presence around me so often. The smell of her skin and of course the feel of her lips on my body. The mysterious man with the piercing eyes still leaves his mark on my thigh and I see his eyes in my darkest dreams too. These wet and wild dreams and thoughts of Caira have distracted me so and I feel like a love sick school girl, which leaves me feeling out of control and weak. And I don’t do either of them. Ever! Damn that temptress…

And that night my dreams came to me in a shroud of confusion. I was at a club, downtown, it was dark and the air thick with smoke and incense. I was pushing through the writhing bodies on the dance floor. Fucking and sucking and moving like snakes in a mating pit. The patrons were all in black and their eyes were shining in the darkened room. Something made me look up and there on a secluded balcony on the upper level stood Caira. She was undressing me hungrily with her eyes and I could feel her breath on my neck. I moved towards the staircase but when I reached the top, she had vanished.

I went to the balcony area where she had stood and 2 girls came up to me and told me they were expecting me. I was ushered into a private booth where the man with the eyes sat, along with a very sexy looking auburn haired beauty with skin like snow. Her bright green eyes held mine and before I could speak I was seated at their table. “hello again my sweet black rose, we have been waiting for you…i have missed the scent of your thighs” He leaned in and kissed my neck and it felt like fire on my already damp skin. “I saw Caira here…do you know where she is?” I mumbled.   The mysterious man passed me a drink and said “Urgent matters have called her away but she will return. Let Dana and I keep you company in the meantime”. I then felt Dana’s hands on my thigh, softly caressing and moving ever closer to my pussy. I moaned involuntarily and closed my eyes. I then felt lips on my neck and shoulders…”I don’t even know your name” I whispered huskily.

The man effortlessly picked me up and put me on his lap. I felt his large swollen cock penetrate my wet pussy. I thought it would rip me apart with its sheer size. Dana was now licking my clit while I was being fucked. The pleasure was too much to handle. I wanted to cum so hard but they kept me between pleasure and desire and allowed my orgasm to build up to breaking point, then slowed it down just enough to keep me on the edge.  I felt as if I was floating on a warm pool of water and my body was drenched with desire.

My orgasm came so hard that a scream escaped my quivering lips. It took my whole body and shook me like an earthquake. I felt a sharp pain on my thigh and then the waves swallowed me up and drew me deep inside it’s murky depths. I came again and this time my eyes opened in sweet surprise and standing there was Caira with a devilish grin as she watched me cum all over Dana’s face. I reached out for Caira, I wanted to feel her body and taste her mouth but she did not move towards me. Instead she slid her hands up her dress and began moaning softly as she played with herself. I cried out to her as my body gave its final shudder of satisfaction. I closed my eyes again to feel the ripples surge through my blood and my skin. I drifted down the warm river again and could feel my heart beating in my throat. I opened my eyes and found myself in my bed. But how?  It felt too real to be just a dream. My thighs felt damp and I could still smell the man and the smoke filled club. On my bedside table lay a single black rose. I smiled and sighed a deep and soul filled sigh. My cruel mistress had stolen my sleep again and dropped me into her warm pool of lust. I stretched and felt my body tingle and savoured my freshly fucked look and feel to the full. My bite mark on my thigh felt slightly raw but it also reminded me that I was drawn into a dark world filled with mystery and endless hunger and I was to be its fill.

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